TinkerHub ICET

TinkerHub Foundation is a non-profit initiative aimed at making use of 21st-century technologies and learning methods to foster a fresh breed of highly skilled young people empowered with technical and social skills

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How To Learn

At the core, we are all students - learning how to learn is in itself a superpower in this fast-changing world we've to adapt. We encourage to learn and support them.


Unlimited Resources

Being part of the right people gives access to the best resources to learn ANYTHING curated from all over the internet. We're all learners at the end of the day, and that's what keeps the curiosity voyage sailing away.


Building Projects

Start making something we've always wanted to? How about we bring our wildest ideas into reality? Build Projects you're genuinely passionate about & await to see the impact it can have on the life's of people.



Take a problem, sit for 48 hours in a stretch, brainstorm as a team, experiment with friends, geek out over possibilities? That's where the magic begins. Hackathons are designed to stimulate your brains and get some highly creative solutions for a given set of problems.



Learn What Matters. Bootcamps are selectively curated learning resources, that gives you an bottom-to-top in a nutshell idea about something you've always wanted to explore! Led by your peers or industry experts, they're handcrafted into learning for the love of learning.



Skills paves the way into being a part of companies, interning & understanding their culture with an hands-on experience of an real-life work environment all when you're still a student. Could this be more exciting?



Learning something you've always wanted to, but could pursue because of financial constraints? Scholarships to the rescue! Theses are fully-funded programs by organizations that seek towards empowering people even more. Be extremely curious, never stop learning & grab the best of scholarships!



Finding people who love everything you are too very much into? How about coming together, sharing the energy, celebrating, experimenting & finding the tribe you belong to? This is the vibe of Campus Communities. Be A Change-maker within your campus

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